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Anne Lister Monument, Shibden Hall, UK

The monument in celebration of Anne Lister was built by the Women's International Stone Alliance (WISA) in the fall of 2022. WISA has been working with Master Craftsman and accomplished designer, David Griffiths to design and execute this monument withint the worldclass dry stone exhibit already in place at Shibden Hall.


In addition to building the monument, WISA provided opportunities for women to learn from other women in traditional stone trades. Over the course of 3 days, 36 women participated in carving workshops led by Antonella Tiozzo or dry stone walling workshops led by Emma Knowles. 

Monument Design

The monument itself has several components all working in together to celebrate Anne and her life through a showcase of different traditional stone trades. The cantilevered benches are supported by traditional dry stone walls which are in turn build into large stones that have been carved with different motifs representing important parts of Anne's life. To learn more about the elements of the build click here.

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